How to defeat Spirits Lord in Voice Of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden

After you defeated the spirits of the four islands, it’s time to confront the lacquer, the so-called Lord of the Spirit . If 500 HP is not enough to knock you out of the game, it also loves to apply status effects for the whole group and apply a big damage. Spirit SoveReign can destroy the members of the group with one or two blows.

You can use any duet of the girl and maid for this battle. All of them are pretty good, although we argue that it is best to take with us or Lazuri (Phil and Heid) or ivory (Lanka and Crimea). LANCA and Crym together create a full security / support team and Phila and HYD can provide some support when applying the average damage .

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What is common (and efficient) from these two teams, so it’s Skill Debuff Attacks as well as Treat skills . To defeat the spiritual lord will be much easier with both.

Given this, below are key strategies to remember:

  • Use Lati Guard skill every three stroke to maintain your protection (otherwise the lacquer can apply one knife knockout)
  • Let HYD or Crym use Assault or Force Edge to reduce the enemy’s attack every three stroke.
  • Support your HP by healing from Phila or Crym
  • Use Omnipanates Remove all status effects when applied to the command

Then use the main character Aerial traction The ability to apply a big damage, not spending too many precious stones. If Lay has a free move, use it sharpness on the main character to increase its damage. If you with the Azure team, Phil can also use conventional attacks that can enhance Lati.

Moreover, Lati or the main character were double healing equipped, so you have healing for the whole group that can restore a lot of HP in case of an emergency. Otherwise, stocking Quality Omnisalvy . In addition, if you use Ivory, Crym should always use the CONTEMPLATE when she has nothing to do. You will need all the precious stones you can get.

And that’s all you need to know. Just do not forget never to rush fight!

Additional information about Voice Of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden can be found in the program manuals.

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