How to scan bastion in Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West is now available for PlayStation Consoles, and players will face several complex missions mostly Quest. One of them includes the quest “Children’s Sky”, where the players need to scan the bastion.

Quest “Children’s Sky” talks about Elo’s travel on the land of Tenakt in search of Ether, subordinate gay program. Here, Eloe meets Kotallo in the Stone Cross, who leads her to Bastion. As soon as you find yourself in front of the bastion, inspect the wall with a focus of ela to find a metal hidden inside the rock. Players will have to look at the left side of the mountain to scan the metal object.

Having met Teottte on top of the mountain, descend to the base of the bastion. Scan the Mount Focus Elo to find a metal stuck in the mountain. Finding metal, climb upstairs and get to the waterfall.

Climb the bastion and open the area covered with stone debris, with a spear of ela. This will open the passage that players must explore. Scan the wall by focus ela to find an ancient debris in the aisle. Ancient debris found inside is a power core hidden in a wall that is part of a combat armored car.

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