Here the new trailer of the Morbius movie

After years of waiting, the movie of _ morbius _ will finally premiere next April 2022. In this way, today a new trailer of this tape has been shared, which He promises to give us an experience that could well explain what will happen with the Sony Spider-Man universe.

From the first advance of the tape, many wondered what Michael Keaton does in the film. Considering that this is the same character as we saw in spider-man: homecoming, many pointed out that here we could see a relationship with the MCU. However, the new trailer seems to change this idea.

MORBIUS - Final Trailer (HD)

As they could see, the new advance gave a greater emphasis on the role of Michael Keaton. Considering that we are talking about multivers, It could be the same character of homecoming, but in a different universe. Along with this, some have pointed out that, taking into account the end of no way home, Vulture could well look Assistants to take revenge from Spider-Man, since he does not know who is behind the mask.

_ morbius_ will be released on April 1, 2022 . On related topics, the The Batman SoundTrack is now available. Similarly, a Beyblade movie is already under development.

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