Destiny 2 Witch Queen: Who is the witness? Replied

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has arrived and players can jump to the last expansion and begin to unravel the mysteries of Savathun’s Throne World and their Lucent Hive. She has designed plans carefully for years in tradition, and it is time to see what she has been doing exactly. However, if you are here, you have already overcome the campaign or if you have heard about The Witness in the story enough times and you want to know Who is The Witness at Destiny 2 . Here is everything we know so far.

Spoiler warning: To explain who The Witness is in Destiny 2, we have to immerse ourselves in the spoilers. Then, if you are worried that you are pimping the events of The Witch Queen, get away now until you finished the campaign completely.

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Who is the witness at Destiny 2?

We are going to immerse ourselves. The true nature and motivations of The Witness at this time are still a mystery. However, what we can infer is that The Witness is the true great Mal of Destiny 2. He was behind the great collapse of the golden age, and he would probably have finished with the Solar System and the Guardians at that moment if it were not like that. For Savathun’s efforts to deceive the witness and protect the traveler.

All we really know is that The Witness is the physical incarnation of darkness itself or perhaps a spokesman for the darkness. It is also possible that The Witness is not the darkness, but is using it as a tool or a “layer”, as the campaign mentions at a time.

Nobody knows with certainty yet, apart from Bungie, I suppose, what exactly The Witness is. However, it is safe to assume for now that we will learn more about it in the next two or three years as the first Saga de Destiny comes to an end and that is probably no friendly.

He expressed his interest in finishing “the game” between light and darkness and end all death… but also with a lifetime.

You can see the final scene again through Super Destiny Enthusiast. But meanwhile, to get more information about Destiny 2 year, check our Wiki Queen guide.

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