Bandai Namco reveals why Digimon Survive was delayed

_ Digimon Survive _ has been one of the most expected games by fans, but also one of the most complicated for Bandai Namco. Since your ad, this delivery has been delayed three times, and at the moment there is no concrete release date. Fortunately, Kazumasa Habu, producer of the company, this production and goes for a better way, and an update that reveals a lot about this project has been provided.

To begin, it is pointed out that the reason for the last delay is related to a change of equipment. Originally, Witchcraft was the team in charge of this work, but now digimon survive is in the hands of Hyde . Habu has pointed out that this change involved stopping and remaking part of the development.

Along with this, a section of questions and answers by Habu promises a story divided by 12 chapters, which guarantee a more adult and dark frame. Similarly, are discussed about three different endings , and an estimated game time of 40 hours to get a conclusion, and 100 hours if you want to see all the options that are at our availability.

Regarding your gameplay, there is a 70% graphic novel, and a 30% tactical RPG where you have at your availability 113 digital monsters , and an extensive list of available skills and combinations. Unfortunately, it was not talked about the release date of this title.

_ Digimon Survive_ will come to Consoles and PC at some point of this year. You can know more Digimon here.

Editor’s note:

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It sounds strange that a Digimon game takes so long to develop. However, delays make a lot of sense when we take into consideration the change of studies and how ambitious the project sounds for Bandai Namco. I just hope that I manage to satisfy the fans.

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