“SONS OF VALHALLA” KickStarter campaign started with base construction strategy and action

German Indie Belopper Pixel Chest has launched a KickStarter campaign for action strategy “ Sons of Valhalla “.

This game is a single-play work that is a leading role, a leading role, a leading role, a single play work.

# Build a Defense Base, to the reverse offensive

The player will be caught in the war with the aim of being able to save the “Raija” that the village is attacked by another Viking and the village as the Viking’s chief son “Thorald Olavson”. increase.

The game genre is a base-based strategy, which is considered to multiply a fierce action element, and the defense facility that can withstand the enemy’s attack that will be strengthened and attacked by the wave, and the resource is assembled, and the trap is installed, It is said that the development and conduct of your unit will be expanded not only to defense but also siege wars, bosses, etc.

# KickStarter Campaign Start

The KickStarter campaign was launched to recruit support for further evolving this work, which has been developed near two years with the developer’s own funds.

Benefits given to supporters eliminate physical things to focus on development. Support that includes the game main story is from 15 euros (1,920 yen). Delivery of benefits is Planned December 2022 . At present, the current period has already passed, and nearly 9,300 euros of the goal is collected by the applicant of about 200 euros.

As a plan after achieving the target amount, “ SONS OF VALHALLA ” is available for the PC, “ Sons of Valhalla ” is available for adding mini bosses and further languages, and stretch goals such as arena mode. The STEAM store page is currently marked Japanese correspondence.

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