What is a nekomat in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Action Ghostwire: Tokyo takes place in the world where people no longer roam the streets. Yokai, inhabiting the city, should take operations, and this is exactly what the nekomat did. These curious two-minded cats are here to sell you objects and exchange collectibles on treasure.

Nonatom manages shops in Ghostwire: Tokyo. If you see a 24-hour store, you can go to buy goods in it. They differ from ordinary cats that roam through the streets in the game, and will not give you tips.

In addition to ordinary nechatas, there are also those who specialize in the purchase collectibles items. These Ekaia will tell you what item they want to buy, and the common place where it can be found. It will be a quick way to earn Make Currency in the game.

At the official account of Ghostwire: Tokyo on Twitter was placed two videos, on which these economical representatives of the Feline family are captured.

Look at Craftsman nonmarine which is responsible for collectible transactions in the game.

It is still unclear where you will find craft nonmarines, but judging by the video above, they will most likely appear in warehouses.

GHOSTWIRE TOKYO - о жутких японских легендах. НОВИНКА создателя RESIDENT EVIL. Подробности,ГЕЙМПЛЕЙ

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