Pokemon Go: How to get Shiny Cubone and Marowak

In March 2022, Pokemon Go will have a chance of attention to the players will give a chance to collect Shiny Cubone and Marowak. Attention hours – on Tuesdays from 18:00 to 19:00 local time player. . During which all Pokemon, which appear on the map, will be the same.

What days Cubone Spotlight watch work

The first of March was the first Tuesday, and the hour of attention was dedicated to Cubones. During this event, Cubones climbed every corner of the card. They could be easily assembled into the group, and they gained strengthening from candy, which facilitated their transformation into tures. It would be the best time to find a brilliant Cub1. Fortunately, This is not the only way !

Best place and time to find cubons and mairovakov

Although the event “hour of attention” was useful, it is held every Tuesday, so it will definitely repeat. In addition, there are many other time points when players can collect cubes or grills. During the year there are several events that increase their spawning.

Reinforced Cubone Spawn Events

  • Dia de Muertos – 1-2 November
  • Animation Week – November 6-12
  • Halloween – October 23 – November 3
  • Earth Day – April 29 – May 2

Shiny Cubone Caught! Shiny Marowak Evolution in Pokemon Go
In addition to these repetitive holidays, there are some events that appear over time and increase their appearance. Some days of incense, such as Swinub and Type Shuffle, increased their appearance. Other events in the past, such as Team Go Rocket Global Take-Over, Chicago Pokemon Go Fest 2019, Detective Pikachu Celebration and Ingress Prime Celebration, also increased their number.

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