Medieval RPG with fresh update back to the Steam

Medieval Dynasty is back to the Steam Charts – thanks to a big update. Currently the Middle Ages RPG is also particularly favorable.

Medieval Dynasty becomes a steam top seller again

Medieval Dynasty started in the fall of 2021 on Steam and turned promptly as a true top seller. For a week, the Middle Ages-RPG was able to assert itself in the charts and to draw several players in his spell.

Thereafter, the initial enthusiasm slowly rattled again. Now, however, Medieval Dynasty has managed to add a real Steam comeback. Because of an update and a discount campaign, the game is back in the fourth place of the bestseller (Source: Steam).

_The GamesCom trailer shows first game scenes and beautiful panoramas of the new Steam Hits: _

Return To Builds With Merchant Update ~ Going Medieval (stream)
Watch Medieval Dynasty on Steam

The great patch for Medieval Dynasty not only brings numerous technical improvements and bugfixes, but also offers a completely new type of building: the windmill . This allows you to grind your grain to flour.

In addition, the development team has worked on it, to add more furniture and decoration objects with which you can beautify something to your house. Also, the animation system has been extended , so that your workers still look even more dynamic when they do their day.

How does the new Medieval Survival hit play?

Anyone who raises a look at the Steam side of the Middle Ages game is relying with genre labels: Survival, Buildingimulation, Open World, Action, Adventure and RPG can be found in the description. And in fact, Medieval Dynasty offers a colorful mix of game systems.

In the role of a young man who has lost his parents in a war, somehow trying to come over the laps. For this you make yourself on the hunt for animals , vegetables plant on a field and chopped wood to build your first modest dwelling.

Over time, you can not only expand your little home and expand important buildings. So you gradually build a complete village ** in which other NPCs will pursue your work. With them you can drive trade and even start your own family.

Although the focus of Medieval Dynasty is clearly on the construction of your settlement, you have to grab the weapons from time to time to defend you against bandits .

Over time, you can expand the skills of your character and thus improve it.

If you have blood now licked blood, you can buy Medieval Dynasty on Steam for currently 22.49 euros **. However, the discount promotion only runs until March 7th. Then the game costs 29.99 euros again.

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