Spirit-Caller Snail Boss Guide: Wie man Spirit

Elden Ring Spirit-Caller Snail Boss Fight
With the many catacombs in which you will stumble in Elden Ring, you will expect an end opponent behind the golden fog. Starting with such as the earth tree watchdog or the grave guard duelant, some of them can be a pain in the neck like this dreaded snail. Here we give you a method with which you can easily defeat the Spirit Caller Snail in the Elden Ring.

How to defeat the Spirit Caller Snail in Elden Ring

So you may notice it immediately that they fight against a boss called snail, but they fight against a summoned ghost ash of a big warrior with light guards. This enemy is not a weakling, depending on what your level is. This enemy is just a strong bodyguard for a really muddy boss.

The exaggerated method in the fight against this boss is to get rid of this huge warrior obviously and then attack those who convene this strong spirit ashes. However, there is a kind of “cheese” method, where you can avoid fighting completely and go directly to the boss.

If you look at the arena entirely back, you will see an area that is suspicious of lighter than a candle in a dark area. That’s because The snail makes itself invisible . Just like these random steps that you see in the Lands Between, you can attack whatever it is.

Only begin to lift your weapon in this light range, and you will harm the hard-faible snail . You can not capture it if it is invisible, so look for the light indicating its position. After you have added some damage, The snail will teleport. This is all done, while the ghost bag is on the heels, so we also recommend using your own ghost ash to as aggro for the evocation of the boss to serve.

This saves you the headaches in the fight against an opponent, which can take it with the abilities of an intruder, but at least you will then complete the catacombs of Road’s End!

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC.

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