Call of Duty players: Black Ops Cold War surprised with a new update

Call of Duty players who are still active in buerra cold black ops received a great pleasure this week with Treyarch Studios announcing another new update for the game. Treyarch himself referred to this as a “surprise!” For the community, and it was surprising. It comes with a new map that will be quite familiar to the Veteran Players of Call of Duty, but it also has more than that with another weapon, a new package to buy and the hope of the players that come more updates after this. a.

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We talked briefly about the new map, WMD, on Thursday when it was announced as a decline to the original. _Overcolored ups, but that’s not all that adds to the game about a year and a half after its initial launch. A new weapon is also added, the Vargo 52. It is an assault rifle that will be available in the multiplayer experience of the game, as well as in Zombies mode, and it sounds quite reliable according to what Treyarch has said about it until now.

“Vergo 52 is a bad weapon, and it is particularly effective where the versatile team reigns, and in zombies, it can be one of the most devastating assault rifles of the game with the proper set of accessories,” Treyarch said. “Here is your description in the game: fully automatic assault rifle. Good damage half-range with a fast shooting speed. Improved output speed and reliable handling for constant trigger control ».

To obtain the base version, you must complete some challenges to unlock it. In multiplayer mode, you must inflict 1000 damage to 15 different items while using assault rifles. For zombies mode, you must eliminate 750 enemies with an assault rifle that has been pack-a-punched at least three times. The first sounds a bit easier, but if you are an avid zombies player, maybe that does not sound like a challenge after all.

Instead of completing those tasks, you can also simply buy the Tracer Pack: Ferro Fury Reactive Mastercraft that gives you the Ferrofluid Blueprint for the weapon and more.

A package, a new map and a new weapon is not a massive update compared to what vanguardia and zona of war get when the new seasons begin and the mid-season updates occur, but it’s pretty good for a call of call Duty who has been available for so long. These games generally move after the new one comes out, and considering how Treyarch is also working on Devantuardia Rated game modes, one would have thought it would happen the same here. There is no guarantee of what will come later, but at least it is a pleasant surprise for those who still play.

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