Pokemon Journeys prepares the return of Greninja de Ash

Pokémon Journeys has launched a great preparation for the return of Ash’s Greninja to anime! The most recent iteration of the anime has overcome its milestone of 100 episodes, and with it Ash Ketchum and GOH have explored all the previous regions and seasons of the past anime. Ash has not only been found face to face with some family friends and rivals in the course of his ascent through the world series of coronation, but has also been associated with some of his most remarkable Pokémon that he also caught during his extensive travel.

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With episode 100 of viajes Pokémon transmitted in Japan, the series has also presented a new sequence of opening topic. Serving as the fourth opening for the anime in general, presents a lot of teasing of what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes. This not only includes the return of some of the big favorites of fans, but one of these favorites of fans is probably more remarkable than that, since Ash’s Greninja is also ready to return. This was even indicated by the official Twitter account of the series, and can consult it below:

Unfortunately, the images revealed in the previous Twitter announcement are the only look that we have the Ash Greninja in the new opening, but there is a question about how it will influence the future ASH battles in the series. Ash was previously associated with the Infernape of him returning for a special battle against Moltres in the past, and Greninja could also play that type of paper. On the other hand, as Ash continues to fight through the world series of coronation using all the skills of him collected throughout the history of anime, the return of “Ash-Greninja” would fit perfectly into that.

The last time we saw Greninja, the Pokémon had left Ash’s side to help Squishy and Z2 and since then there have been very few updates about it. A return to anime would be a great update for fans in any way, regardless of whether Ash uses it or not on battle once more, but it would certainly be much more great with a complete battle for Greninja’s great return. But what do you think? What do you want to see from the Ash Greninja when I return to anime in Pokémon Journeys? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other great things. @Valdezology on Twitter!

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