How to hire Ezana Klinka in Triangle Strategy

As befits the game in which the protagonist goes on the journey to establish relations with other countries and people, you can gain more than 15 game characters in your team along the plot of Project Triangle Strategy. However, your ability to acquire these potential teammates depends on the convictions of Serena, which means that not everyone will automatically join the house of Wolffort. One of these soldiers from Glenbruk, the native country of Serena. Wearing Shamana Ezan Blade .

Note: Small spoilers of the characters of Ezana Blade are followed.

Ezan Blade, Wearing Shaman Glenbruk

Where to find and recruit Ezana Klink

Ezane can be recruited to the House of House Wolffort, as soon as Salea accumulates two useful virtues Starting with Chapter VI: Remember me . After it is completed, the history of the Ezana character will appear on the world map . Next, watch the events that unfold on the nameless village , in which Sernea becomes a witness to the mysterious shaman, the rattling rain to people. After completing the small scene, Ezan will introduce themselves to the group and join the House of Wolfforta as a game character.

Abilities Ezana Blade

Triangle Strategy Is It Worth It?
As a wandering shaman, Ezana can use some cute powerful weather magic . Its initial weapons are a cane from solid wood, which helps it focus on elements. Spell “Ray Rain” causes strong rain in the field, extinguishing any fires and coverage of certain types of terrain by water.

“The blessing of lightning” increases the resistance of lightning and reduces the resistance to the wind, and the “rite of lightning” uses the force of electricity to apply damage. Damage with a zipper one enemy together with chance to paralyze them for two turns. Lightning created by this spell, spread around the water and, if the rite of rain was used, can also travel the wet tile **.

Ezan has access to a few spells of different elements , giving it a lot of magical benefits on the battlefield. If you like spectacular and visually stunning attacks or are you interested in using the nature itself to destroy your enemies, be sure to increase your level of utility and select this practical warrior!

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