Elden Ring Irina Questline Guide: Should you bring the letter?

Those who are currently traveling through the Lingrave region in Elden Ring will most likely meet Irina , an NPC located in the area of ​​the victim bridge, near the place of grace. After this is said, after you hit Irina, you will ask the stained, your father, Edgar, the current commander of Castle Morne, to bring a letter. But should you transfer Irina’s letter or not?

What happens if you give the letter?

Unlike many other quests in Elden Ring, you will not be rewarded with useful items or runes when handing over Irinas letter, as instead, only the quest series of your father’s Edgar unlocks that you can continue after you have the Leonine Misbegotten Boss, the Main boss, defeated the area of ​​Castle Mourne. Unfortunately, Irina, after passing the letter to her father, killed what the players show the hard reality of the countries in between.

Is there a way to save Irina in Elden Ring?

If you plan to face all the bosses in the game or to complete your quest series, it is unfortunately not possible to save Irina, because even if you decide not to deliver the letter to Edgar, it is killed after you defeat the Leonine have miscalculated boss. Against this background, it is possible that the non-participation in their quest series and skipping of the bosses avoid their destiny, even if they do not just miss the boss fight, but also the chance to get the grafted blade greatsword.

Do you want to bring Irina’s letter?

Considering the fact that the transfer of your letter is the only way to unlock Edgar’s quest series and to experience your whole story, so tragic you may be, we recommend that you give your letter.

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Elden Ring: Irina Quest Guide (Where to Bring Irina’s Letter and Reuniting Her With Her Father)
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