Nintendo Switch has a Wordle clone and its free for some users

Palabra has become a great success in recent months and has given rise to several “clones” online. As expected, one of these clones was launched in Nintendo Switch: Palabras with Fred. The game is available at ESHOP for $ 1, but some switch owners can get it for free this month. The Mokuzai Studio publisher has revealed that anyone who owns or purchases the games amor, amor 2: kuso or pulsoar can download palabras with free freds. _Pulsoar has the same price, which means that both games can be hooked for just one dollar.

Naturally, the name Palabras with Freds brings a totally different game to mind, but the switch title is actually very similar to palabra. Players have six opportunities to guess a five-letter word, and conjectures reveal the letters of the word, as well as if they are in the right place. There are some minor differences in palabra, however. Time Palabra is updated with a new word every night, Calabras with Fred allows players to play as many different words as they want. There are also customization options for the board. Actually, it seems similar to the fans version that was launched earlier this year for Game Boy and Analogue Pocket.

Palabra was thrown completely free at the end of 2021 and quickly earned followers in social networks; The game has developed a community that joins when deciphering the same word every day, and games like palabras with Freds you can not replicate that experience. However, palabra was bought by The New York Times in January. Since then, the company has taken over the game and remains free, but there have been indications that it will eventually change to a payment model. The New York Times has not given more information, but clones as Palabras with Freds could help fill the vacuum if the original game ends behind a payment wall.

Readers can find more information about Palabras with Freds on the Eshop page of the game right here.

Wordle: The Joy Of Word Play
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