How to unlock Maxwell Tripier in a triangle strategy

Sir Maxwell Trier, known in Norway as a spear of dawn, is one of the best warriors of Glenbruk. Few could be compared with his talent, for example, General Aubrara from Esphrost. He is the one who taught Roland to use a spear. That’s how to recruit it.

After Sir Maxwell falls from the bridge at the beginning of the game, Rosellana saves him, and he loses his memory. To unlock it, you must first make sure that you defended Rosellanov in chapter 12 . Thus, they remain in the kingdom and continue to cure Sira Maxwell.

While Rosellana remains in Glenbrus, they will praise Sira Maxwell by your expirations until they finally shake all his memory. After the news about the capture of Glenbrok, he fully restores them and joins the battle. It appears in Chapter 15 .

If he does not appear in chapter 15, work on my freedom and moral beliefs. Select Roland or Fredericks During the “belief scale” segment, if you need. But on our experience, it is naturally unlocked if you follow the initial requirement.

Triangle Strategy Part 5 AVLORA VS SIR MAXWELL Gameplay Walkthrough

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