Grabowski in the Interview 2019: “When the Eintracht was waiting, there was no keeping more”

When Jürgen Grabowski gave the Frankfurter Eintracht an interview on the occasion of his 75th birthday, he was still in the service of the Frankfurter Eintracht: He sat down as a brand ambassador for “his” club. “I wanted to go to Eintracht, I wanted to stay there,” said the honorary player of the SGE. Now Grabowski deceased at the age of 77 years. In his last Frankfurter Eintracht interview, he talked about his big career – at Eintracht and the DFB.

Mr. Grabowski, how and where will you commit your 75th birthday?

Five years ago, we celebrated greatly, Heribert Bruchhagen has taken care of it, and it was very nice, even if I had to consider longer, if I want that at all. But from now on is only celebrated with my wife.

The biggest party went from her 30th birthday anyway, in Munich.

This 7.7. 1974 was already special. I have to remember how I was a ten-year-old in Biebrich in front of a radio and television business, through the disc saw the final of 1954. Since I played in a small club, and I dreamed about the World Cup victory, like that would be if you would achieve such something like Fritz Walter and the others. These were often only seconds, but the dream came over and over again.

How was the dream then real?

Until 16 I played for Biebrich 19, then we did not bring together A youth, so we are with five, six boys to Biebrich 02, a club of the highest amateur league. The A-youth became Hessian vice master with us; Clubs like Darmstadt 98, Frankfurter Eintrachts Offenbach or Eintracht Frankfurt had remained on the track. Only the final we lost, 1: 3 against Hessen Kassel. My way was succeeded early. With five 18-year-olds, four of them from their own youth, we played in the Oberliga Hesse. We were a great mix of talents and routiners and always under the first four or five in the table. And we shot most goals. But when in 1965 the Eintracht kept, there was no more. I was 20 and was happy about the Bundesliga.

_ On the other hand, nine months later, Grabowski, the man with the sense of the right playback torque and the irresistible dribblings, debuts the 4-0 in Ireland in the national team._

This was followed by 43 games. How important was the national team in all the years?

If national coach Helmut beautifully entered the room, then what. That had a level. I was already in 1966 at the World Cup in England. A great experience, even if I did not play – how many others. Seeler, Tilkowski, Haller, Beckenbauer, Fastinger, all these names, there was no frustration, there was glad to be there at all.

I’ve never practiced that, even later not in the Bundesliga. These passports, shots, dribblings – everything was there from the start.

Jürgen Grabowski

They treated the ball very elegantly, were an eye-catcher for aesthetes. Have you trained hard for it, or was that just talent?

It was innate, my father played football, in the amateur area. A hard defender you knew in the circle! We children have learned on the street, had no bolz places, as they are today. We were hunted away from the school and club plants. Today there are great opportunities, unfortunately, the places are often empty. In contrast to the father, I was a technician from the beginning. I’ve never practiced that, even later in the Bundesliga. These passports, shots, dribblings – everything was there from the start.


They had to play differently in the national team than at the Eintracht. Did not she disturb that?

But. When I came, the Eintracht with Elek Schwartz also started a new coach, which had previously trained Benfica Lisbon. Schwartz laid value on technical football. That was not a disadvantage for me. I was allowed immediately to ran, Schwartz played 4-4-2 and I on the right side – without sticking to the line. Since I rise in the hierarchy, I got more and more balls. And we played offensively. Also in the national team it went forward, but more about the middle. There, for example, a Wolfgang Overath arranged the game. There was a lot of worked with double passes, I only think of the Franz and the Gerd. The outside were barely involved, are truly starved. With the few balls we had to do something. I have somehow warned that, but I never satisfied in the national team. I just could not show what I could have played there. Also in Frankfurt my best years should come after my resignation in 1974 from the national team – as a central playmaker. There Gyula Lorant put me there in 1976, by the way, a superior trainer. That he had to go for one and a half years, I never understood.

Back to the 1970 World Cup: They were replaced at the 3: 2 against England, and they still turned the game after 0: 2. The international press wrote: “GRABOWSKI, the best one-way changing player in the world”. Actually not suitable for you, right?

No. With my 441 Bundesliga games, I always stood in the first eleven and was rarely replaced.

Are you in 1974, after the victory against Holland, not too early resigned?

Maybe yes. I only then had my strongest six years.

In front of the 1978 World Cup she wanted to take her back. Was her no right?

I can not answer this question to you too.

Me annoyed that Matthäus said I would be sharply focused on the disability payment. An impudence!

Jürgen Grabowski

Frankfurt won twice the trophy with them, but was not master, was considered “Launische Diva”. To arrogant? Too squash?

It was probably rather so that one or two good players were missing for the top. But it is already true: we won against Bavaria and then lost against red-white Oberhausen. Football was still very rustic at that time, watching TV did not show five slow motion, there was no video proof yet. It went to the bones. It should not sound overcome, but I had special hoists for 15 years. Since the Berti Vogts was still very fair. As well as Werner Lorant, who pursued me over the 90 minutes. I strongly made myself for him that he comes to Eintracht. Since I finally got him…

Grabowski is considered Bayern fright, he leads the harmony in the Bundesliga twelve times (!) To win. In addition to a success in the cup and two wins in the UEFA Cup: 15 compulsory competitions won against Bavaria – this only creates colleague Willi Neberger, who also played for Dortmund, Werder and Wuppertal.

An impetuous foul of the still young Gladbacher Lothar Matthew finished her career in 1980. Still angry?

Me annoyed that Matthäus said I would be sharply focused on the disability payment. An impudence! That may have been stupidity, but I have never made an application because I wanted to stop anyway.

A little later, the Eintracht won the UEFA Cup against Gladbach, they still lacked. How bad was that?

I was dead string. But the players have lifted me in civil clothes on their shoulders. That was very moving.

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