“Three-year Guttonak” Games Games, Decide to hold offline

From Corona 19 to Europe’s largest game show Games, which was held online since 2020, is held offline this year.

According to the official website, Games Corporation 2022 will be held on Messe at Cologne, Germany from August 24 to 28th. Online broadcasts provided to the previous year are also available this year, and the Games Corp. Secretariat compiled digital response to the last two years to manage digital queues. If you are a Korean gamer, you will be able to see a new work that is disclosed in game scum through live streaming.

The Secretariat announced that the Games Corporation has been conducting a 2022 offline news and achieved this event to climate friendly game events. Offering free public transportation tickets during the event, create a special fund and creates’ Games’ Course ‘.

Stronghold (2001, PC) Gameplay
The German Games Industry Association “Felix Falk) said,” I have been waiting for the offline event of Games Corporation for two years, “he said,” I will make a special and environmentally friendly event with visitors, exhibitors. “

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