IT reporters eggplant BTS Concert … “Order, Technology Perfect”

On the 10th, 5:00 pm, Seoul Subway Line 2, a comprehensive exercise. History is crowded with people. Age, nationality is a variety of cultivation. Commonly put a purple sign in a hand. It was a globe group Bulletproof Boys (BTS). It was’ Ami ‘attending the’ BTS permission on the ‘Permission to Dance’ offline concert .

The Seoul Jamsil General Playground Main Stadium was wrapped in purple. BTS Domestic Face Concert is two years since October 2019.

Foreign fans from California, California said, “I could actually see the Jean,” he said, “I was in the night since last week.” There was also family units fans. It was the first concert in the life of Kim (51), who became a BTS fan because of his daughter. He said, “I am glad to be able to breathe for the first time,” he said.

When the performance time approached at 7 pm, the moment was static. There was no shout. Corona 19 was forbidden to reduce the risk of infection. Instead, one of Ami received a Clapper (supporting tool). Her intestinal one did not give the rules. When the BTS song is heard, the soldier was given when the army was called, and the applause was applauded. I fucked. The tremor of the furnace, and the fans of the singer were thought.

The Lab Monster (RM) said, “It is a lot of many things that you have in the audience,” he said, “The concert in history”. The government said, “I will not leave a single regret,” he said, “I am impressive, and I’m sorry. “(There is no shun, but she hears it is Telpacy,” he said. ” Sugar said, “I appreciate a query,” he said, “We wanted to see more ami”. “

BTS live concert in Seoul, barriers for overseas ARMYs
Jay Hop said, “She missed Ami,” and Ji Min said, “I was worried that she was worried that she was cold,” he said, “We said. There was no Ami voice, but the recorded sound was risen to Jamsil Stadium. One 5,000 people ‘s arranged, and the aura of BTS was harmonized.

“BTS Concert”… Removable LED · Real-time graphics rendering technology, etc.

The full-time stage technology that matches the BTS concert was also attracted attention. First, in order to implement differentiated scenes by the song, the variable mobile LEDs capable of switching and backward-to-phase switching are centrally installed. In addition, the augmented reality (AR) and media graphics technology used in online performances were applied to the field. ‘The Army On Air’ system melted Ami cheerfulness as Jamsil.

The moving figure recognizes the shape of the moving person in real time, and the ‘Anamormymmimmegian runs’ technology, which maximizes real-time graphics rendering and space, which graphically appeared in the signboard along the silhouette, was used in the concert.

The BTS agency Hive has been working with a streaming technology that allows you to enjoy concerts with a desired angle, providing six multi-viewed screens and providing six multi-viewed screens from June 2019 to provide 6 multi-viewed screens. In the actual Jamsil stadium, there was fans enjoying the concert with online streaming outside the stadium.

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