Medieval Dynasty: Seasons declared

Medieval Dynasty: Seasons Important for planning

Climate and weather change in the course of the year in Medieval Dynasty. This is by no means unimportant for your settlement. The seasons are not only an atmospheric matter in Medieval Dynasty, but influence very different aspects:

  • The game starts in the spring. This season cyclically marks the beginning of the new year and the mild temperatures facilitate survival.
  • In the game, every season lasts three ingame days. However, this is just the default setting that you can change before starting a new game. Either way: You should always keep an eye on the season display (top of the screen) to do seasonal tasks in time.
  • This is necessary for agriculture, for example: so every type of seed has a season for planting. Carrot seeds are sowing them in spring, rye in the fall.
  • For the search, the seasons are also important as fungi, berries and Co. are not all year round. And watch out: In winter, you will not find food in the wilderness at all. You can only come to meat and fish by blowing wildlife and fishing fishing.
  • In addition, the temperature must be observed: all garments affect the heat or cold of your character. Depending on the season, this is why different clothes are attached. These can be made in the closer.

The Four Seasons in Medieval Dynasty 4k Ultra HD

The journey through the year thus gets quite a meaning, and the same in several aspects. The winter is among different aspects the quietest season, as there is also rural to do nothing to nothing. At the same time it is all the more important to have enough firewood in winter.

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