[Planning] This White Day is a cyber love.

This year, when I do not want to meet a lover, I did not meet the lover when I do not want to give me a lover. That’s why I spilled tears like chicken shit, but it is unhappy to send a precious event that is only one day in one year. What is this time, how about the eyes a little, not just a dimension. If only one dimension is lowered, there is a chance to meet a lot of lovers.

Of course, an ordinary date that you can always enjoy is a person who can not feel the pounding now. So what about a special environment or an enjoyment of a special environment or opponent who is not usual? If you want to feel a different feeling of love or pounding, you will actively recommend this game.

Novena Diabolos
Thrilled love that seems to take on human distrust disease

  • Language: Korean Voice Support
  • Steam Rating: Very positive [93%]

While looking for a secret of unidentified incident, Park Jun-sung, who found that there is a small village with a small village. He was a good time as a PD, but he was a great mistake, and his honor was as much as he did. It is only to defeat the honor of the awarded for him who remains to him that is ridiculous and ignored around. Park Joon-sung, who was convinced his own sense, will enter the human rare village of the valley.

But the village was the residence of the people who worshiped the devil, and Park Joon-sung, named acid, which is a dismissal in the devil’s traditional consciousness, is in crisis to die. The way to survive is to leave the village of the day with a woman who has accidentally came into the same village. I am only aware of the traces and villages that are in the field of consciousness, and the information of the person who is a person who is a consciousness,

The number of times the village can be turned around is extremely limited. We must collect as much as possible, and you must exclude one person who assumes that the owner of consciousness is. Of course, it is not to succeed in escaping unconditionally because it is only a person who is wearing a person. She must achieve the intimacy with human hiroids and intimacy, she will trust you and leave the village together. She is a Hirin, who stacked hard, so she was in fact she was in fact she did not start a new game, and she will give her a sad end. Novena Diabolos is a taste that collects bad ending CG.

Every time you start a new game, everyone of the human being, what is the characteristics of the Maeil, and the clue will be randomly determined. You must just guide your own character, but you must guess the character that is not horses. It is not difficult to proceed with the crazy or game. You just ask for any place to collect information and choose Hiroin. Story’s progress she does not have to worry even if she died with an incorrect choice. Friendly Development is the opportunity for you to go back to the situation again until you have a wrong choice.

Finish recently, the expansion story of the DLC is released as the existing amount is less than the thought, or it is a good idea to complement the disadvantage of the disadvantage of the event. Gather a lot of hints while you collect a lot of hints, you have a lot of conversations and troubles on the troubles, and stack your favor. You can feel a thrill that one of the choices left to the left of your lives. Of course, even if you know that it is a moller, there is also a choice of death to death in the charm of the character.

Exclusive door plus!
I can not put the tension until I ended the game,

  • Language: English subtitle support
  • Steam Rating: Overwhelmingly positive [96%]

Do you want to make a sweet and special memories with beautiful girls, or you want to feel the pounding of those days that I rode the girls and thumbs of the chaos, If so, the throbbing door plus! I wish you good. Additional subsurities have been added to the exclusive status that contains additional content in the excited number of contents released in 2017, and various new elements have been added, such as additional substores, cut thin, OST.

Exclusive Lord Plus! There are four beautiful girls and four out of them. I am armed with a character that is narrow, and a character that is a normal character, a normal, a normal, a normal, a normal, a normal, and an active character that is a native character, a normal, a normal and active character, which is a unique character, a normal and active character, which is a normal character, a normal and active character.

As a childhood friend’s invitation, the user who came into the club called the Lord’s Court is to make fun with the four girls. I will send you a sweet time with a character who has been published every day and writing a great impression on the city. Sometimes I have a embarrassing thing, but I have a lot of things to happen when I am a student. Just occasionally there is a surprise element, so this is not to be careful.

There is no big change or an additional point in the outbreak of the previous work, but it was a free game, but it was a free game, a different biright that you can not feel in other games is a pleasure of a satisfactory perfect version that you can enjoy and enjoy. It is the best game for each charm full of four girls and an incident that will never be disconnected.

Miracle Collection House
Salt, I do not know the world,

  • Language: Korean Voice Support
  • Steam Rating: Overwhelmingly positive [97%]

Friends and heroes began business, but when I could not do well, my friend ran away and I have increased debt. My friend’s father who felt this is one of his own buildings will rent a reciprocal house, leaving his business. Somehow, I feel like I’m feeling a nose, but I do not want to go to a hot rice, but I’m not going to go to bed, dreaming of a new success, and I want to go to bed, and the magical thing happens in front of you. In the fantasy game, the provincial appearance of the exotic appearance appears in the attic.

In the Cosplay Competition, a unique dress and a strangely arrogant tone, her lives, and her normalted language, she is the Queen of the salt kingdom, which is in the world of other dimensions, the queen of the salt kingdom in the world. Due to her aphrodisiacity and her toughness, she seems to be a blunt and scary woman, but the longer her together, the longer she is longer, the longer she is missing and the falsehood. I did not even think about the Menu, which the main character, which has been the only ice-water, and the main character was accidentally tasted.

In addition to Philia, other Hiroin also appeared. It is a jimna, a week, a week, is a character that flushes a charm that is a frank and sporty feeling with her unique high tension, a frank and sporty feeling. She feels like she’s a different game because she is an opposite image with Philia. There are only two female characters that appear, but they are so strong that they are so firm, and there is no lack of lack of the character you want according to your taste.

However, if the story is sold only in the story, the store will be closed, and I will not be able to meet Philia and the week min. Fortunately, the developer has a day that can only be operated when we look at how to prevent this point in order to prevent this point. Of course, it is not necessary to do unconditionally, and you can develop a new ice-water menu to prepare more guests, or you can advertise the personnel to advertise the personnel.

Every time you raise your sensitivity and proceed with a new story, you can see the appearance of the new look, and you can see the worries that they have been hidden and getting more and more detailed. You can only make the user’s choice and play, and you can check various endings accordingly.

Let’s meet the devil sister who likes the pancake and the fan cake.

  • Language: User Korean Subtitles
  • Steam Rating: Overwhelmingly positive [98%]

One time a Hell’s is the most hirer in the game that was a hot topic in a worldwide subcolute world. Uniquely, the traps are drilled through the traps in the number of limited movements and cleavage to the arrival point, and the love simulation factor is rich in the richness of the love simulation. But this disadvantage is clear to feel minor. Early an elegant devil and one angel appeared, and the price of the game is free. Rather, if you do not like a frustrated deployment, short and concise story and puzzles, you will be your taste.

These puzzles are always like hidden stories and collection elements, such as Helcepers. If you find all the elements in a particular chapter, you can get a hint to see a special backyiya, and you can acquire recipes or concept art that the devils like your favorite handmade pancakes. If you are annoying like this, you can buy it as a DLC and get it quickly.

The game has a total of 11 chapters, and one is composed of a bonus chapter of the end of the day. By chapter, you can meet a demon and angel full of personality, and follow the conversation, depending on your conversation, resulting in the result of killing you. You do not have to be too frightened. The devil is not so complicated.

Helcepers think that more addictive BGM and cute SD characters, attractive and different characteristics of attractive, rather than puzzle contents, have been able to attract large popularity. Do not clear the puzzle, but if you stand and listen to the BGM for a while, you may be shaking your waist with the SD character.

Botomi Covering
I met the devil, but I’m not easy for the girlfriend?

  • Language: English subtitle support
  • Steam Rating: Very positive [94%]

If the living life is burdensome by love, how about AI girlfriend? Do not worry even if you can not adapt to the work that you can see from the work of the new environment. In Botomin Corporation, I will help you with a beautiful look of the beautiful appearance of the AI ​​secretary.

Logotomi Corporation is a game that runs energy, acquiring energy and developing dangerous bodies from society and acquiring energy and further developing companies. At first glance, it looks similar to management simulations such as roller coaster Tycoon, but there was a drop of fear and log light and cosmic horror. The above explanation is that SCP is thinking, but it is a game that suits your taste if you liked or interested in the usual SCP series or cosmic horror.

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By using the energy that is constantly developed by raising energy by examining and managing the facility by investigating and managing the facility by investigating and managing the facility by the proper way to avoid stress and expanding the facility, You must increase the ability of them. At first, I will not have a lot of bodies, but I have a lot of trouble that I have to be able to manage. Especially if you make a mistake in a single, if one of the bullets escapes from the quarantine area, the accident will begin to occur here.

You can not give up. Every time I finish my work, I’ll listen to the Morning of Ai Angela, a dollar of high performance. Sometimes it is an AI, which is a spare joke, or a secretary as a secretary, as a secretary. If you want to finish your hard day and finish your day with Beauty AI, you will not have a Botomi Corporation.

White Day: Balai of the name of the school
I meet a pretty girl and meet a girl ghost,

  • Language: Korean Voice Support
  • Steam Rating: Alternatively positive [78%]

If you want to feel the soy of candy on White Day, White Day: I recommend the name of the name of the name of the school. As you can see in the name, you are dealing with the story of students who gives love to White Day. Not only a girl, as well as a ghost of fear, is also a lot of ghosts. However, it is different from that of a pretty appearance of the ghost. Although it can not accumulate the ghosts and the ghost, but it is a pretty ghost, but do not even try to find the main character without being tried,

‘White Day: The name of the name of the school’ is a film that is remake of white day, one of the games that are always mentioned when talking about domestic video games. It is true that the graphics that are cleanly cleaned in the current game are true, but it is a little bit that the bizarre is dying because the bizarre is dying. But there is a lot of preference thanks to the graphic that looks better. Typically, a character that appears, such as Han Soo-young and Kim Sung-a, is much more beautiful. It is also a bush that some demons can not feel a scary.

In the remakeed work, a new herring woman also appears. Although there is a condition that you have to meet this character, you can see the character with this character, but if you have a certain ending, you can see the cute hiroin of the new charm. You can experience a new story that could not be seen as a whole, as a completely new character.

Although it is a scary thing that you have to run away from numerous risks, it was a scary thing, but there were a lot of stories that have lived in order to win love from ancient times. Maybe this time you can not be the protagonist?

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