Sonic 2: An ultimate trailer for the movie and a poster that pays tribute to the game Megadrive

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) -
It’s at the end of the month that the Sonic 2 film comes out on the big screen and on the side of Paramount Pictures, we board the promotional campaign. First of all, it’s a new trailer that is proposed, the last probably since it’s the final trailer, and that allows you to have a very (too much?) Great preview of what awaits us in 15 days. We realize mostly on Dr. Robotnik (Eggman in VO) will have a more important place in this suite, which will show Jim Carrey at work. The latter calls for Knuckles who will kill the buttocks of Sonic and Tails, since the blue hedgehog is no longer all al1. The film promises humor, epic action scenes, but also a lot of reference to video games. Moreover, in this connection, the new poster of this Sonic 2 makes clear reference to the sound cover 2 released on Megadrive released in 1992. With 306.8 million dollars at the box office, the first Sonic was a real carton and This suite should please as much to the fans who had appreciated the first. Otherwise, for French voices, Malik Bentalha ram is in the role of Sonic.

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