Cthulhu Mythology Horror “Remnants of Rlyeh” to 2022 release. Get out of the seabed city

Indie Daveroper’s DarkTree Game Studio announced that the survival horror game “ remnants of r’ryeh ” will be released in 2022. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). This work is inspired by the view of the world of Cthulhu mythology. It is a work that the fear of the people who are lumping in the deep sea brought about, and a fierce fight to escape.

“Remnants of R’lyeh” is a survival horror game of the first aspect. A work of Hawad Philips Love Craft, which has been organized as a myth of mythletes, is inspired by the so-called “Cthulhu myth”. The player is a diver who is lost in the madness deep sea world, and looks for a forbidden ancient ruins, and searches for the art that runs away from monsters that are unnamed. The stage is the seabed city Luluie. The older ruler’s pillar Cthulf is asleep, and it is an anti-patient who waits for awakening.

This work is a system that incorporates combat elements, etc. as a survival horror work. In addition to weapons such as knife pistol shotgun, weapons using old technology are also available. Furthermore, it is a system that can be combat in water. The enemies who stand before the Luluie escape are designed based on the view of the world view of Ktruhu mythology. In addition to the people who looked to refuse the understanding, the people who have been stained crazy, as well as the weapons, such as the Deep Sealder “deep things”. Besides, there is also an element that solves the secret of Luluie through the puzzle.

Remnants of R'lyeh - A Deep Sea Lovecraftian Survival Horror Adventure Based on the Cthulhu Mythos!
DarkTree Game Studio, who works on this work, is a personal studio by David Zhang, a developer based in Canada. He is ahead of this work and is distributing “Cthulhu: Death Escape” as a prototype for STEAM. Here is a 91 STEAM user reviews, and 72% of which are “slightly friendly” statuses. The development experience and feedback of the same work will also be used in “Remnants of R’lyeh”, which is a completed version.

“Remnants of R’Lyeh” will be released for 2022 for PC (STeam). The trial version is also currently delivered in the same store.

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