NCsoft has been opened in the house of the house,

NCsoft said that the in-house children’s house laughed in March this year.

Yen, in April 2008, the first in-house children’s house revealed the office, and the Pangyo R & D center in 2013, and expanded its facilities and operations. And this time, the second day of day-to-day opened alparium. A newly renovated peanut children’s house is located in the Pangyo Alpair Tower working in the ENC staff.

Yen designed the Alfauds smiling peanut children’s house as a play-centric concept. ▲ A nursery space in which the children of the employee from the age of 1, from the age of 5), the parents and children are located in the freely available open library ▲, and a play space that stimulates creativity. In particular, various factors were arranged for brain growth, such as visual, hearing, and space sensory stimulation, for the balanced development of children.

Alfausa smiling peanut children’s house designed to a 2-fold level of the permeability of infants and children, and children can live in a relaxing environment. Singing and creative activities will install the stage of children and support the activities of the kids. In the media month, which connects three 49-inch monitors, publishes digital contents that children participated.

5pm: 7 kids removed from filthy Lorain home

Yen’s smiling peanuts are operating in the 2008 year since 2008 this year in 2008, in the philosophy, “the happiness of the child and his home is connected to the happiness of the work, and the world is in the world. Pangyo R & D Center Smile Peanut Garden is 200, the alpherium smile is 100 people. Supports up to 300 employees child care.

Smile peanuts received the best assessment A grade in the Government Nursery Assessment Certification System. Self-Development Curriculum has been renovated by two international certification of international standardization organizations (ISO21001, ISO29991) and re-authenticated every year.

Joe Young Eye (NC), said, “The smile of the peanut planning,” smiling peanuts plan to continue to develop the educational curriculum so that it can grow positive and creatively in a positive and creative growing space for children. “

For more information, you can see in the official blog.

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