GTA V: Comparison of Fidelity Mode, Performance RT and Performance Modes

With the release of Grand Theft Auto V: Expanded and Enhanced Edition, you have more opportunities to select the gameplay. In the settings there are three parameters, so you can choose whether you prefer to schedule frame frequency and vice versa. Here are described options.

Three modes are called Precision Mode, Performance Mode And also ** RT Performance Mode. We will consider in detail what exactly the mode makes with your experience in GTA.

Differences between Fidelity Mode modes, Performance Mode and Performance RT Mode in GTA V Expanded and Enhanced

Which Graphics Mode Is BEST In GTA 5? Fidelity VS Performance VS Performance RT! (PS5/Xbox Series X)

  • Accuracy mode : This will focus on the game permit, creating a full schedule 4K, while the frame rate is reduced to 30 frames per second to focus on visual output.
  • Performance mode : This mode is much more focused on frame frequency. It will bring the game up to 60 frames per second, while not trying to maintain permission on a permanent image of 4K. When apskeiling, he can reach 4K, but most likely will fluctuate from 1440p and higher (unless you use Xbox Series S, where resolution will decrease to 1080p).
  • ** RT performance mode: it looks like a mixture of two modes above. It will work hard to reach permanent 60 frames per second, as well as provide image 4K. However, due to the fact that it focuses on both elements, from the point of view of graphics and frame rate, it will not be a fixed frequency and will decrease to a lower frame rate or permission to cope with the game when it becomes intense, for example, when The screen is dense. populated.

When you first start the game, you will notice the new HDR calibration screen, it will be your initial configuration of how you want the game to look.

After you started the mission of Ludendorf, you can put the game for a pause and go to Settings . From there descend to Display and then via graphic mode . Then you will see three options, press the joystick or d-pad to choose which option you prefer.

We personally believe that Performance RT is a good golden middle, as, despite the fact that in the loaded points of the game there may be some compromises, most of the time you will receive this beautiful 4K at a speed of about 60 frames per second.

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