Uncertain whether your Stranger of Paradise wants to gamble? Try the new demo!

On March 18, 2022 it’s time, then the final fantasy offshoot Stranger of Paradise from Team Ninja appears, whose developer has already given himself to the SoulSlike genre with NiOH. The people who were already allowed to sign Stranger of Paradise, report by a light… Well, the story of Stranger of Paradise should be easily cringy, but above all the gameplay should score points.

If you have after (or besides) Elden Ring still on a soulslike, then maybe you want to access… or not? Before you have to spend the money for the full version, you can luckily bring the recently published demo. At which there are a few advantages – but also a few hooks.

Console demo only for consoles – and CrossSplay only within “family”

I Really Like Final Fantasy Souls - Stranger of Paradise
The demo of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin really gives you a good insight into what awaits you from gameplay. Compared to the past demos, developers were filmed by both the performance of the game as well as playing mechanics such as MP management and CI for computer-controlled NPCs, as they confirm against the authors of WCCFECTECH. Important for you is: The demo is available before the release of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin only for the consoles, ie Xbox and PlayStation.

And important, even for the time after the release: CrossSplay with friends is only possible within the same console family. That means: CrossSplay is available on PS4 and PS5. And on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / s. But not cross-platform, ie Xbox One and PlayStation 5 for example. Nevertheless, who is considering Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (Buy Now), which expects a slightly different perspective on the events of Final Fantasy 1, a comprehensive job system and a gameplay that – of course – is reminiscent of NiOH. If you have the opportunity to try it before buying, she takes!

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