“Miracle exchange” is opened with “Pokemon” Dipalime Mike and there is a sign of excitement. Randomly send Pokemon, pokydoki online experience

Pokemon Co., Ltd. delivers update data (Ver. 1.3.0) of “ pocket monster brilliant diamond shining pearl ” (hereinafter referred to as Pokemon BDSP) on March 17th. In the same update, “Pokémon Legends Alceus” interlocking event is added. “Pokémon Legends Alceus” Save Data with Nintendo Switch Body users who started “Pokemon BDSP” to enjoy special events that can meet the phantom Pokemon Alceus.

On the other hand, one more implemented is the addition of the communication exchange function “GMSTATION”. In the same function, Cotobuki City Facility GMStation is available. It became possible to exchange communication of Pokemon using the Internet. It is “Miracle exchange” that was available there. In Miracle replacement, first, the player decides the Pokemon to exchange for replacement. After that, use the Internet to match with the replacement partner and replace it. In other words, it is a mechanism that you do not know what will come from the other party to Pokemon. This function is the first appeared in “Pocket Monster X Y”, and then inheritance. “Pokemon BDSP” is somewhat delayed from the release and implemented in the update.

The taste of Miracle replacement is a feeling of pokyde until Pokemon is sent. If you send an extraordinary Pokemon on your side, there may be a possibility that no Pokemon will be sent. From the pleasures that are easy and randomness, SNS can see the figure of the people who will give it to Miracle replacement. For example, it can be said that it is an example of how to continue to be able to change the milk and replace it until the desired Pokemon comes.

An unexpected encounter is also one of the best of Miracle exchange. For example, the following users seem to get Urimu by Miracle replacement. However, it is not just a Urimu. It means that individual different individuals have been sent. Users are delighted and received. Apart from this, domestic users also post different different users. Everywhere in this world, it seems that there is a certain number of fatal trainers that bring the different colors to Miracle replacement.

On the other hand, users who have given a slight result by Miracle exchange. In the following posts, a chance that the individual value is low is also sent by Miracle replacement. It will be said that it is probably the result of the exchange of “lost” if it is known. However, the contributor said that he was using Kacreon when I was asked to “Pokemon”. Because there is attachment, this result is also pleasure, and it is a positive appearance.

In addition, in the Miracle exchange of “Pokemon BDSP”, new deals have also been made. In the Miracle replacement of this work, the location of the other party replaced is displayed in the globe and is indicated by a 1-3 digit number “point”. For example, Japan’s Hokkaido is the fact that the southeastern part of Point 1 and Australia is point 625. Then, if you do not exchange points around the world, fill the point of globe gradually, you will receive a mysterious American every time a certain number is filled. There is also a practical benefit, and the fun of filling the map will be a happy element. Some users seem to match the Antarctica, and some people who are confused. Unexpected encounters may be said to be the best of Miracle exchange.

“Pokemon BDSP” is on sale for Nintendo Switch.

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