ELDEN RING Make easier? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! This mod makes it harder!

Elden Ring, the new action RPG of the makers of Dark Souls, Sekiro and Bloodborne, enthusiastic and quits the gaming community. Because the scary beautiful fairytale world offers massive adventures and exploratory excursions, but drives with hard struggles so some players to the white lug – what editor Karsten already illuminated. Of these, some of them have the muzzle full that they make Elden Ring easier. In the absence of changeable difficulty, mods must be made – which is only available for the PC version.

So Easy Mode for Elden Ring cares exactly for what you think: opponents make less damage, players raise more pure and captured faster runes (the currency with which one levels his character). Attention: Who installs such a mod, must be played in offline mode. The simplification considers the Modder Silent Verge but nothing, which is why he has created Prepare to the (hard mode).

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How does this mod elden ring still harder?

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In contrast to Easy Mode, the adjustments are detailed. While the life points and endurance of enemies remain the same, they become like their NewGame + variant: more damage, higher resistance and armor values. On top of that, the official description of the mod emphasizes that opponents can hear and see you from much larger distance. The speed trip is also limited to churches and cathedrals, not from any memory point.

_ “I was full of seeing all the ‘Easy Mode’ mods every other day, so I did this mod instead” _, explains silent movement. If you look at the download numbers (currently 150), only the fewest players grab his masochist mod. What is your degree of difficulty from Elden Ring (Buy Now)? Exactly right for your claims? Sometimes even too easy? Or do you wish you a regular difficulty degree? Track us in the comments!

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