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Sixers-Star Joel Embidge has again expressed his incomprehension that he and his former players Ben Simmons had no common future. A lot of the incidents would not make sense, he also played the events after the already legendary playoff-off.

“I did not understand what was going on and what has led to this whole situation, I do not understand it today,” said Embiid in the Draymond Green Show, the podcast of the Warrior’s star. The Center had never had problems with Simmons, which last last May for the Sixers on the field was suspended at the beginning of the season and finally demanded a trade. Shortly before the deadline, he was tired with Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and two future rounds for James Harden and Paul Millsap to the Nets.

“We did not win a championship together, but in Regular Season we were dominant in every season with at least 50 wins. I have always believed that we have a chance to win together,” Embiid continued to win. He does not understand “what caused him to go to go. I understand his explanation, but a lot of things make no sense.”

Simmons also made a restart in Brooklyn in his imagination in Brooklyn in the unclear, “If I knew it, I would tell you. Internally, there were simply many things over time and it has become one Situation developed, which mentally was not good for me. ” Simmons wanted to “make sure that I am mentally able to stand again in the square. That’s something that has been busy for a long time.”

He had mental issues already before the fateful playoff-out in seven games against the Atlanta Hawks. According to said match, in which Simmons had denied a completely open dunk in the final phase, he was criticized by Embiid and Coach Doc Rivers. “I think the turning point was when we had a free throw and then made only a free throw,” said the Camerooner on the PK.

In conversation with Green, he now said that his statements have been consciously interpreted by the media so that controversies arise. In the grounds of the defeat, he mentioned a variety of things, including the missed dunk, but also a ball loss and mistake of other teammates. “But the media pulled out this one thing. I did not criticize anyone in particular, but simply listed a few details that led to.”

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Joel Embiid on Ben Simmons, MVP race and

Immediately after the trade, however, Embid had again shot against Simmons and referred to as “unhappy”, “ that winning was not his most important factor”. To have his own team and to be a star, apparently had a higher for him Priority. I thought that the fit was great, but Ben thought differently. “Simmons continues to wait for his debut for the Nets.

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