Bandai Namco accidentally released the characters from the DLC Jump Force early

JUMP Force has been a little less than impressive since its launch. Yet he has a dedicated fans base that Bandai Namco feeds content. Since its launch, players have had the opportunity to buy two character passes. The first gives access to nine characters and the second gives access to five others. At present, there are thirteen characters DLC Jump Force, which means that there are two others to come. These two players were accidentally handed over to some players following a technical error earlier this week.

These two characters are Yoruichi Shihoin and Giorno Giovanna. Yoruichi is a Bleach character, which is an Ichigo mentor. She is the former captain of Squad 2 in the Soul Society and can take the form of a sexy woman with dark skin and black hair, but can also turn into a cat that looks like a man. When she turned out to be a woman, it was a surprise for fans and Ichigo himself. Giorno is Jojo’s Fifth Jojo Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and the Illegitimate Son of Dio, who is a character of the basic game. Giorno uses the booth called Gold Experience, which allows Giorno to transform inanimate objects into living beings.

In a declaration by Bandai Namco, these characters are not ready to be played as and when and the situation has been rectified. There is also no exit date currently available for Yoruichi or Giorno. JUMP Force is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Jump Force DLC not showing up fix 2021

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