In Gotham Knights Open World?

New information about Gotham Knights appears every day, and recently Creative Director Patrick Redding and Producer Fleur Marty met with IGN to discuss the game. One of the questions was about how the world was arranged. Will this adventure, which binds you to zones, or it’s like Arkham games, where can you go anywhere?

Redding confirmed that Gotham Knights will be the open world game from the very beginning . The players will have access to all Gotham City, and there are no restrictions on levels in the game. As soon as you get control of the character, you can go anywhere.

In Arkham Knight and Arkham City, players have identical freedom. Despite the fact that it is rather a spiritual successor, it’s nice to see how much he borrow from this concept.

Players will find opponents with whom it may be too difficult to cope with one one at the beginning of the game because of this freedom. If you encounter a more complex area at the beginning of the game, the enemies will not automatically scale to your level. The players themselves decide how they will behave in such situations.

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