Roundtable Knight Vyke Boss Guide: Wie man Roundtable Knight Vyke in Elden Ring besiegt

Among the many champions that elden ring players can meet on their journey through the Lands of Lands, only a few of the title are as worthy as Roundtable Knight Vyke, the stained, who came closest to an Elden Lord. To help all those who are currently struggling to defeat the boss, learn how to defeat Roundtable Knight Vyke in Elden Ring.

How to defeat Roundtable Knight Vyke in Elden Ring

Roundtable Knight Vyke (Lord Contender's Evergaol) - Full Narrated Boss Guide - Elden Ring

As with many other human-sized enemies in the game, your biggest weapon will be in the fight against Roundtable Knight Vyke the parry ability as the boss can not only do massive damage as we said above, but also will use it constantly evasive maneuvers to use To escape her vessels and to create an attack possibility. Roundtable Knight Vyke can also heal itself by using Flasks of Crimson Tears.

Against this background, we advise you to concentrate solely on the beginning of the fight only to parry his attacks, which in turn will open it for a critical hit. During the fight, Vyke will also make use of a skill capable of making those who carry lighter armor with a dash. In order not to be hit, turn off as soon as he makes his train so that they can escape the AOE of skill.

In order to facilitate the fight, we recommend that you use both a weapon that can cause massive damage, as well as a small sign, since the latter offers a larger parallel window compared to the other types of shields available in the game.

It is also important to point out that those who wear heavy weapons will be able to make the boss three times in succession before dying, but this can prove to be a risky gamble as they remain open for retaliation. If you defeat Roundtable Knight Vyke in Elden Ring, you get a rich amount of Runes, Vykes Dragonbolt Incarnation and Vykes Complete Fingerprint Armor Set.

ELDENRING is currently available exclusively via Steam for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. You can view our review of the latest epic of From Software.

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