Chapter 11, Part 2: Battle Guide “Before Gorky End” – Triangle Strategy

Chapter XI, Part II: Before the bitter end of the game Triangle Strategy makes the Battle Paul Roselalan with its roofs and multi-level platforms. The stage is an inclined staircase where your command is at the top to take several key input points, of which the enemy will try to get closer to you from below. The new battle of Rosella Protection will begin after you choose your detachments. Win Destroy enemy forces .” Lose , See how each of your units will die .

Choosing a detachment and combat strategy

If you do not solve that several strong and inconspicuous units, such as Anna, went to Earth, you should choose those that specialize in effective actions. Long attacks, whether magic, offensive items or arrows . You can block enemies at the entrance points with the ability of the Korentine “Ice Wall”, but you will also need to rely on the strong attacks of Serena and Roland to hit those who pass by.

Create units that can climb or take off on the roofs. As always, Hewette flight opportunities and Overcoming Anna The ability will be useful. Heavy strikers, such as Eradid, will be useful because it uses his frames Fo the ability to face enemies from ledges where they receive additional damage when falling.

Use Grozny attacks Ezana Thunder and wind , which are ideal for defeating bottlenecks, through which these enemies will try to squeeze. Narva also has powerful wind magic, which acts in the same way, and its sanctuary The ability can use several union units at the same time. You can also use Piccoletta, whose Primanka The ability allows her to create a copy of himself, which can move and attack on their own – two units in 1. Enemies will spend their moves on her bait.

Silvio and Rufus double call

The battle begins with return Rufus, now 20 levels . He is on Earth on the side, surrounded by two Gizantian robbers, an archer and a combat magician, all at level 18. On earth at the bottom of the scene, there is another boss, Silvio, also level 20. . He stands in two more robbers, two more fighting magicians, another archer and one healer – all at level 18. You will have six union units on the roofs on one side and four on opposite roofs, as well as an ally Rosellain in the face of Jerome. Level 19. It will act independently.

Unfortunately, Rufus and Silvio are resistant to blindness, sleep and poison. You will have to take this battle slowly and ultimately hit them with distant attacks. As soon as Silvio approaches you, he will steal TP of your units, causing damage, so be careful. It is strongly recommended that you come to their support detachments before focusing on them, since their martial magicians and archers can hit you from below.

Soon, two more robber and two more archers will come to the rescue of Silvio. After Jerrome helps you to finish with the guard of Rufus and, finally, with Rufus itself, go to the rest of the fight. For this battle, more than for any other, you need not to hurry. Use Lionel and his incitement whispers The ability to make these enemies attack each other, and be prepared with your healing objects or spells. The ability of the Medina “Double Item” can change everything.

Prepare with Mental Mock Battles

Along with the preservation, consider pumping your characters to 18 using mental battles in the camp. Use trophies, especially from the latest available Hosseabara battle to increase the level of weapons of their strongest fighters. And be sure to stock accessories and sufficient HP Recovery granules from Lionel.

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