Tunic: Find all pages in the manual

In addition to ordering an adorable small fox, tunic will ask you to collect many objects over your adventure. Among them the pages of the instruction manual of the game. Filled with secrets and advice to progress, it is essential if you aim for the good end of the game. Here is the location and how to find all the pages of the Tunic manual.


The locations of all pages of the Tunic manual

Coverage – Page 1

Pages 2 – 3

Pages 4 – 5

Pages 6 – 7

Pages 8 – 9

Pages 10 – 11

Pages 12 – 13

Pages 14 – 15

Pages 16 – 17

Pages 18 – 19

Pages 20 – 21

Pages 22 – 23

Pages 24 – 25

Pages 26 – 27

Pages 28 – 29

Pages 30 – 31

Pages 32 – 33

Pages 34 – 35

Pages 36 – 37

Pages 38 – 39

Pages 40 – 41

Pages 42 – 43

Pages 44 – 45

Pages 46 – 47

Pages 48 – 49

Pages 50 – 51

Pages 52 – 53

Pages 54 – 55

The locations of all pages of the Tunic manual

Cover – Page 1

These pages are the hardest to get, since you will have to open the sealing door of the snowy mountain. The enigma is on page 49. But no panic, we have a solution for you.

All Bosses + All Manual Pages + True Ending | Tunic

pages 2 – 3

Go to the starting beach, and pray on the teleporter. The pages are in the hub.

pages 4 – 5

In front of the entrance of the dark grave. But you will need the laurel crown – obtained towards the end of the game – to reach it.

pages 6 – 7

In the Fortress of the Forest, in the northwest. The pages are on the ground.

pages 8 – 9

After recovering the laurel crown in the cemetery, leave the area. You will find the pages on a pillar on your left, accessible via a Dash.

pages 10 – 11

They are located in the first room of the grave of the hero.

pages 12 – 13

At the entrance of the bell tower. Unmissable.

pages 14 – 15

Directly southeast of the altar in the East Forest, on the teleporter.

pages 16 – 17

On the teleporter of the upper world.

pages 18 – 19

To the south of the opening of the well, right in front of the bridge to lower.

pages 20 – 21

In front of the sealing door of the snowy mountain.

pages 22 – 23

Once the laurel wreath recovered, head to the entrance of the bell tower. But on the way, make a dash towards the cave in the shape of a mouth. A merchant with the pages is waiting for you inside.

pages 24 – 25

At the sealed temple, in the key room take the way to the northeast. You will find the pages on the next screen.

pages 26 – 27

At the entrance of the Western Garden, in front of the first crocodile, follow the way to the north.

pages 28 – 29

On the central island, to recover once in possession of the sword.

pages 30 – 31

After recovering the lantern in the well, rebrew path. A new zone lights up. Once the enemies are defeated, you have access to the room with the pages.

pages 32 – 33

Pass behind the mill to have a path that leads to a ladder and then go behind the waterfall to get to the beach and find the pages.

pages 34 – 35

In the well, left in the first room after the altar.

pages 36 – 37

On the floor of the forest fortress, in the monolith room to activate.

pages 38 – 39

At the top of the big library you will find a laboratory. Break the three globes and get all the pages.

pages 40 – 41

At the top of the big library you will find a laboratory. Break the three globes and get all the pages.

pages 42 – 43

Once the laurel crown recovered, make a Dash to arrive in the center of the Top World Fountain.

pages 44 – 45

After recovering the previous pages, you head in front of the door. The pages give you the mechanics to open the locked doors. You have to reproduce the path that is engraved – bas / right / high / left / up / right with the D-pad.

pages 46 – 47

These are a little more complicated to recover. You will first have to go to the Western Garden with the help of the Laurel Crown. Once dropped on a monolith, activate the. He will unlock the teleporter on the other side of the wall. Join the Hub – it’s the left teleporter – and dash pillar pillar to reach the island and the pages.

pages 48 – 49

Go to the stele where you found the scepter, and apply the same technique as for pages 44-45. Haut – Left – Low – Right – Low – Left – High Right with D-Pad.

pages 50 – 51

At the top of the big library you will find a laboratory. Break the three globes and get all the pages.

pages 52 – 53

In the old house, behind the room where you found the shield, you have a new blocked door. Always the same technique to open it, reproduce the engraved path.

pages 54 – 55

To have the last pages, it will be necessary to recover fairies. The page 47 tells you the search spell to launch to find them _ (high left – high – right – low – right) . You will see lights guide you to the various places of fairies. Once in possession of 10 fairies, go behind the waterfall next to the dark grave. You will get missing pages. Once all pages of the manual retrieved, you will be able to unlock the _bonne fin of tunic. When you are going to face the heir, instead of trying to beat him, you can simply show him the manual. This will end the cycle of violence.

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