How to become a stock broker in BitLife

To become a stock broker in BitLife, you first need to create a character with high mind . You can create a character with a high level of intelligence, rolling . Re-throw is just recreation of your character until you receive the desired characteristics, such as a high level of intelligence.

An alternative to a reload is to use God’s mode feature in BitLife, but you can only use it if you paid for this function. If so, use the function of the God’s mode to establish all the necessary characteristics when creating a character.

After you create your character, you will need to build up until you finish high school. After graduating from high school in BitLife, you will need to go to college and get higher education. Economics or financial education.

At the end of the training, find the “Work” tab and find a position called “Birzheva Macler”. If you do not see the vacancy, try to build up once until you find it in the “Work” section. But if you still do not see the exchange broker under the tasks, it is possible to recreate your character in such a location as New York in United States .

When we created our character in New York, we immediately found the work of the exchange broker. For this reason, we recommend doing the same if you have any problems with the search for the exchange broker. When you find a job, just click “Apply”, and if you are taken, you will become an exchange broker in BitLife.

To learn more about BitLife, we will tell you in Pro Game Guides!

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