“Truth story” “Shatter Remastered” “Into-Dead 2” appeared in the game service for Netflix Mobile in March

Netflix adds “ Truth Story ” “ Shatter Remastered ” to the game delivery service available on Android and iOS devices, and added “ Into Dead 2 ” It announced that it is scheduled.

This service is a Netflix member who started in November last year, and is a mobile game service that can be used without an additional fee. The “Truth Story”, which will be delivered today, a puzzle game that develops along a magnificent story set in Subsahara African countries. Based on actual interviews and experiences, a beautiful hand drawn landscape world draws a truth story that struggles to get to water for her family.

Similarly, “Shatter Remastered” delivered today is the remastered version of “Shatter” delivered for PS3 in 2009. A novel arrangement and a flashy boss match are added to the familiar behavior, and we will capture the stage of various difficulty using power-up items and special attacks.

Soon “Into Dead 2”, which is scheduled to be delivered, the sequel to the run action game “Into Dead” that breaks the large group of zombies using any means. We will defeat a wide variety of enemies such as armor zombies and zombies that run Armor zombies and running zombies, using various weapons such as near-weapons, firearms and explosives.

This service game can be downloaded from the mobile Netflix app, and you can download from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. Details are being published on the official site.

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