Everything is different in New York from The Division to The Division 2

Players The Division 2 will return to New York in the last expansion Warlords of New York. The first game, _The division, _ explored New York and the players have seen visu the devastation of a chemical epidemic that would occur in the city. Chaos broke out. The factions were at throat on the other, all in the running for the control of valuable resources.

The change in Washington D.C. in New York may seem a little shocking, and it could even be moved to return to the first game playgrounds. However, the Ubisoft team behind the project works hard to make sure things feel different with new changes and new content to come in the game.

rendered 1 to 1 of Lower Manhatten

The division was not as massive or able to manage a recreation at 1 to 1 scale of the iconic city, the development team to reduce it a bit to adapt it to a video game. The division 2 The team had the opportunity to recreate Washington D.c. with a little more clarity and assemble it with advanced graphics. Now, this same technology of Livision 2 will apply to the new Lower Manhatten area of ​​the game.

The whole area has been cleaned and renovated so you can see it again. There may be many old things you notice, but there are also many new things. The city has four different sections belonging to a different warlord and the NPC armies that protect them. You will explore different sectors of the city called Two Bridges, Financial District, Battery Park and Civic Center.

Time continued for New York

Time has advanced since the first visit of the players in New York. The division 2 takes place eight months after the events of the first game, placing it somewhere between the middle and the end of the summer, while the first match was mainly during the winter.

Since then, New York has been struck by a massive hurricane devastating the coastal z1. Much of the infrastructure has been damaged during the environmental event, and floods are everywhere in the city. The population continues to do its best to live and survive in these cases, but mother nature continues to make things difficult.


Each of the different neighborhoods will have distinct characteristics on this subject, such as partially flooded and mud-covered areas, others full of metro gulfs and unleasted hurricane damage.

old location with many new features

The extension brings you back to New York, but you go with all new weapons, equipment and game mechanisms that you did not have in the original game. The Division 2 also receives a handful of updates, such as the user interface of how you read your equipment, new skills of each lords of the war and new seasons content waves, which are the new Game seasonal pass.

You can expect to meet new traditional weapons and exotic weapons during your stay in New York. When you fight all the warlords and continue with the content of the game, you have the opportunity to constantly upgrade and develop the progression of your division agent when you reach the end of the game.

The reason for coming back to New York is to reconnect with the history of the division, which was largely intact The division 2. By connecting the two stories, it could be a great way to build a solid base in the division_ Franchise for all players to create a stronger link with the franchise. Ubisoft strives to give a sense to return to New York and gives players many reasons to go back.

Warlords of New York is available March 3rd. You can buy the extension for $ 29.99, or buy it with the main game for $ 32.99.

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