The new character of the dice appeared,

Joey City has launched Google Dictionary Reservations in P2e Games, which was developed by Mohta Games 30, a new Mohta Games. The Apple App Store proceeds later.

Crypto Ball Z on Wemix was a mobile game that combines warmed shots and anti-rpg, featuring game properties that are easily enjoyed by users who are not familiar with shooting.

Friends: Joey Finds Out (Season 5 Clip) | TBS

The new character of the dice recorded the Global 50 million downloads appears, and the stages are configured to configure the deck with a differentiated skillset by character.

I introduced NFT here. Commander armed with a powerful buff, such as a higher rating hero acquisition probability, is a powerful buff, which can be traded in a Machine Marketplace.

If you play a commander, you can acquire a probabilistic drone production part every time you clear the stage, and you can use it to create a drones to create a younger review. Youngwoo seats can be written to their character growth or convert them into P2E goods Herco tokens.

Crypto Ball Z on Wemix Official Brand page, 30 days from 30 days of Herco Air Drop events across three times. The primary event gives 50,000 people to 50,000 people through the lottery of the user who can acquire a brand page, a community subscription, and a certain amount of entry points to acquire.

More information can be found through the Krypto Ball Z On Wemix Official Brand page.

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