Schweinfurt 05 gives coach Strobl the running pass

“We’ve missed our goals in two seasons in a row – once close and with a lot of bad luck, once clear,” said FC-05 Managing Director Markus Wolf in an official message of the Schnüdel for the separation from the 34-year-old. “Therefore, the decision is clear that a new beginning is inevitable – with some changes in the squad, but also on the coach bank.”

Wolf called “different ideas on how the new season is already preparing” as a reason for the change-time and at the same time stressed: “We would like to thank Tobi Strobl cordially for the work done, for his commitment, his identification and the heart blood, He also introduced at FC 05 and just in the heavy corona time. “

Strobl, previously at FC Ingolstadt II in the Office and currently participants in the Pro-License Course of the DFB, had come to the Mainfranken in November 2019. He reached with the team participating in the DFB Cup main round and at the rise games to the 3rd league, where the 05er ultimately failed at the TSV Havelse.

Gernlein takes over

“The decision has nothing to do with Tobi’s participation in the course,” emphasized FC-05 sports director Robert Hettich. “This makes it very good in its new form a job as a club trainer very well. Private and for his more coaching career, especially with the pro license, we wish Tobi Strobl all imaginable.” Until further notice, the previous co-trainer Jan Gernlein will take over the item of the Chef Trainer.

On Monday, the Schnüdel abroad at FC Bayern München II to the next point match. Currently, the subfronts are third parties in the classification behind the sovereign SPVGG Bayreuth and the dealers.

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