The characters of Elden Ring become Tekken 7 Wrestlers thanks to this mod

Tekken 7 - Elden Ring Edition
mods for PC never stop surprising us. From technical arrangements that could well serve mod an upgrade, to all kinds of content that mix elements of a videogame with another with which it is not related, mod is the cmode that we show you today: it is about the characters of Elden Ring, which are now able to participate in Tekken 7 combat. This mod transforms them into fighters with all luxury details.

Ranni The witch, the prisoner, Alexander, Malenia, Melina and Radanh, scourge of the stars are some of the characters available in this curious mod. The author of the same, Ultraboy, even offers help through Twitter for any user who wants to install it and not be clear how to do it. Below we leave the gameplay video ** you can see them all in action.

Elden Ring: Do you know your story?

We are aware that Elden Ring, mod well mod other Software titles such mod Dark Souls and Bloodborne, is somewhat cryptic when it comes to narrating its history. The Lore is full of nuances, characters and events that are worth discovering, although it is not always emody to follow the thread. For that remodon, in Meristation we have already begun to publish a series of reports in which we try to explore the background and subframes of the game . In the first volume we focus on the carriers of large runes.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Finally, we remind you that we also offer you the full guide of the game, which already hmod 100% of the main course, all the final bosses and a huge list of articles where you can find a way to get weapons, spells and talismanes, among other content. modk it at the following link.

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