The next Steam hit? Beautiful survival

You are Japan fans and like the Survival game Medieval Dynasty, then you must keep an eye on the following game! The speech is from Sengoku Dynasty. The game principle is approximately the same, only this time you move as a farmer or warrior in feudal Japan. You have the choice as you want to spend your virtual life.

SENGOKU DYNASTY: The feudal Japan awaits you

Living simulations like Medieval Dynasty enjoy great popularity at players. The focus of these games is the as accurate as possible representation of the lives of that time . Very new in this genre: Sengoku Dynasty.

The survival game puts you in the time of the feudal Japan and lets you in the role as ordinary farmer all liberties. You can build a village, trade or as a warrior after fame and honors. You have the choice of whether you want to follow the story or just exhibit you in sandbox mode to your heart’s content.

But no matter how you decide, you can experience the game alone or in Koop mode with friends.

You have to know that about the upcoming survival game

Sengoku Dynasty is being developed in collaboration with Japanese historians. This should offer you a possible authentic insight ** in the lives of a Japanese. In this way, you will get to know the Japanese culture of the Middle Ages and their traditions while they themselves become part of it.

A solid release date does not have Sengoku Dynasty, but the developers want to start the early access phase on Steam this year. More information about the game you will also receive on the official Steam page.

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For the time being, Sengoku Dynasty appears only for the PC . But should the game similar successfully like Kingdom Come: Delivance, then a subsequent release on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | S is certainly not excluded.

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