Call of Duty will soon get a subscription

Does the successful “Call of Duty” series get their own subscription service with the next offshoot? A now deleted job advertisement indicates at least. We summarize the current state of Things for you.

Call of Duty: Mysterious job advertisement unsure fans

Streaming providers like Netflix have made them salonable: subscription services . And more and more video game publishers have an interest in integrating this service into their games.

So only recently Rockstar Games presented the new service GTA Plus (GTA +) . For 5.99 euros per month, you will receive various advantages as a GTA player, including exclusive discounts and a monthly transfer of 500,000 GTA dollars, the in-game in-game currency. The service met with his announcement in the network and especially at the GTA community little counter-love .

But Publisher Activision seems to have not yet heard nothing, because as now a new job advertisement indicated , the “Call of Duty” series could also receive its own subscription service.

The Twitter account CharlineIntel has said job advertisement, the now re-deleted , with a screenshot:

Call of Duty 2.0 – is a subscription service meant?

While the tender is not an official confirmation for a coming subscription service, however, terms such as “Subscription-based content” are not particularly a lot of scope for interpretations. Especially clearly from a “COD 2.0” is spoken. So the COD community expects a handful subscription service with the next “Call of Duty” part? So in addition to the Battle Pass?

Already in June 2021 there were rumors that Activity considered to offer the Battle Pass in an annual and semi-annual variant . Currently you can acquire the Battle Pass at the beginning of a new season for 1,000 COD Points. These are about 10 euros (Source: Gamerant).


Crazy Steam Hit: 1,000 euros Teures “Call of Duty” Bundle storms the charts

Daniel Boldt

Maybe the supposed subscription service should not be integrated into the main series, but in the very successful smartphone offshoot Call of Duty Mobile . The game is, for a mobile game typical, anyway full with microtransactions . Maybe COD 2.0 is therefore only the next logical step.

Call of Duty+ Subscription coming in 2022?? (COD 2.0 is the future)
Currently this is all about pure speculation and accordingly with caution to enjoy. Surprisingly, however, an announcement by Activision would not be.

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