Encis first sharing worldview, TL-Project E is going to be synergy?

Recently, NCsoft is the first to show that it will show the existing and others. At the Older General Assembly on the last 30 days, Kim Taek-jin’s representative has announced that he will enter the MMORPG and the console and expand its market. Among them, the console is a TL (Throne and Liberty) scheduled for launching a 4Q this year. TL is a MMORPG that NCsoft has been focused on genres, but NC is a PC and console multi-platform title to try for the first time.

In addition, TL is another field to challenge NCsoft for the first time. It is a ‘sharing worldview’ that shares the same world with different games. TL is the same as the other new “project E” and world view being developed by NCsoft. The production team has a virtual planet called ‘Knovre World’, which has been built for two games, and the continent coexists in TL and Project E-Station in this planet. TL is the “Soliirium” continent, the project E, a Western medieval concept, the project E, the “Life” continent, which is ahead of Oriental Medieval.

The other continent in the same planet is not a simple setting, but a direct impact on each other. The event that tried to seal the god in the past is the war on the war in TL, and the project E is the cause of the project on the continent. Here, some of the elves and oaks that have been devoted to the tribal war in TL and live in the project E, and each live in the name of Nirba and the night. Here, the two continents in the same planet will flow the same time to the stage.

These shared worldviews have been widely used in games, as well as games, and films, and are popular with popular facts. In the film, the Mabor Cinematic Universe, which is a traditional Cinematic Universe, which is an independent world view of the Cartoon and Independent Worldview, was considered a representative example, and several titles were derived based on the world view, including the Dungeon and Dragon, Warhammer, and the game. Dungeon and Dragon extends to the Waldes Gate, Never Winter Knights, and Warhammer was born with the World View itself as Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigma, Wedasser 40,000, and many games were born.

The worldview is ‘Core Point’ condensing the fan **

The biggest strength of the shared worldview is that the world itself becomes a centric that the fan condenses is condensed, and it works as a driving force that can maintain a fixed user. A gamer that felt attracted to a particular game is also interested in other games that share the same worldview, and the real-circular circular structure to settle in the world view itself can be completed. It is difficult to finish, but it is well established, and when you put it on a constant orbit, you can start with a rich consumer layer when promoting your new work.

In fact, the Remy Entertainment Sam Lake Creative Director, which is developing the ‘Lemedy Connect Universe’, which is the same as Alan Wake, the same world view, shares the same worldview, “Each game is an independent title, I have been entering into the entrance. “

One of the exemplary success stories in the game is ‘Type of Type’. The type gate world viewed from the border of the novel ‘ball’ is based on the setting of the main character and many characters that have a supernatural ability to superior to the imagination. The beginning was the boundary of the novel ball, but last year, the release of the remake version, the release of the remake version, and the Melty Blood, the Pate Series, has been expanded to Melty Blood, Pate Series, and achieved a huge fandom. It is also highly attention to each game, but the suction force of the entire door world itself is also considered a significant level.

The goddess entity is another successful example. This also departed from the game developed by Atlas by Atlas in the original ‘Digital Devil Story’ in the theme of the devil summoning. The goddess genetics series itself also attracted the popularity of the Final Fantasy and the Dragon Quest, and the Japanese 3rd RPG was very popular, and the goddess of the goddess, the goddess, Persona, Soul Hackers, and the number of games series, such as the goddess, Soul Hackers has been released in February, and many fans have been rejected for a subsequent step of 25 years, and the charming worldview, which is built through multiple games, is in its basis.

Loose connection with free interpretation

When promoting the shared worldview, the part to be in mind is balanced. The characteristics and themes, which symbolize the world view, are clear, but the same world should have the freedom and scalability that can create a title with different personality and fun. The ‘loose connection’ that can be interpreted at a so-called multiple is core. The goddess that I introduced earlier was not tight, and the entire gate was not tight, and it was a fairly set of appropriate links to be curious about each work.

On the other hand, if it is not possible to interpret, it may be interested in the manners if the setting is set and the world view is limited. Typical is ‘World of Darkness’. World of Darkness, the shadows like vampires, combine the fantasy elements with the real history, and the ‘famous figures in history have been known to know that’ was not a human ‘ However, as the deployment is deployed, the settings were shared and critical characters. This led to the result of the proportion of players that the player to be the main character in the game was extremely lowered and played is fixed. ‘Conan’ worldview also has a more developing the original world view in cartoons and movies, but in the game, the game did not show something more than a world view.

Understanding Worldviews

In other words, the world view must be in the center of the stage that the game is deployed, and the world view shall not be a composition to overwhelm each game. In this case, the world view itself is highly concerned about the new user to be a kind of entry wall. If you want to show a strongly binding structure, it is advantageous to develop a subsequent followed by a series of previous works than the shared worldview.

The story of the other direction, but Nintendo has a loose timeline that binds several titles of Zelda’s legends, but it is not strongly linked to the Story and the World Station in the representative series. The biggest Kirby Discovery of the new 25-day is the same. Nintendo Mount HAL Research Institute Kumazaki Shinya General Director, Kamazaki, a Washington Post Interview, “There is no clear timeline for Kirby. This is not entangled in the past settings, but it is also to prioritize it to a new challenge in the series with a long history and to provide optimized play. “

It is important to maintain a loose balance while giving synergies

Thus, NCsoft’s new TL and project E also gave synergies to each other, and it is likely to maintain a balance that does not override each other. It seems that TL and Project E are achieved to build a worldview that binds the attractiveness of the two games itself.

In fact, the production team is a priority to show that it shows the cohesive world view and story than the existing NCsoft game for TL. In addition, there are many stems to focus on setting a large axis that can be derived from a variety of stories. The origin of the two games is the same, and it is the direction to allow the independence of each other to save the independence of each other and to enjoy different fun.

Indeed, it comes to concerns whether NCsoft can be achieved by TL and Project E, which is developed around the shared world view. Especially, the project e to emerge after the TL will be completed and the box office, and the project e to emerge after all the results should be emerged.

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