Pokemon Go: Unique Research “April, April 2022” – All Rewards

Inpokémon Go is the special research “April, April 2022″ known with all the benefits and also tasks. What is known? ** In Pokémon Go will be an event on April 1, which opens a special research.

APRIL 2022 Event Breakdown In Pokémon GO! | Research, Raids, Spotlight Hours & Community Day!

Action Reward: If you exclude all three jobs and resolves your benefits, then you also receive 1,000 celebrity dust, 15 ditto sweets and also 5 heavenlyberries.

The shape converter Pokémon is Ditto.

Even prior to the start of the event, DataMiner found proof that DITTO will be in vital Pokémon of this year’s occasions on April 1. Take note of the messages that Professor Willow talks with you. That’s very entertaining, due to the fact that the teacher does not recognize himself anymore, which is actual and also what a ditto might be.

Research: April, April 2022 2/3.

Research: April, April 2022 1/3.

When does it start? Research is available for you from 1 April from midnight.

What is recognized? In Pokémon Go will certainly be an event on April 1, which unlocks a special research.

Research: April, April 2022 3/3.

Level Reward: If you omit all three tasks as well as solves your rewards, you will certainly get an added 1,500 experience points, 15 ditto sugary foods and also 1 silver Sananabere.

Inpokémon Go is the special research “April, April 2022” recognized with all the incentives and jobs. We show you what remains in it and also what presents you get.

Level Reward: If you leave out all 3 jobs as well as fixes your benefits, after that you will certainly obtain an added 3,000 celebrity dust, 15 ditto sugary foods as well as an encounter with Ditto.

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