Where is the damn stick?

He came as a great talent, but his potential could never really retrieve Anderson at Manchester United. Very much for the frustration of his coaches.

It always gives you these talents that could never really exploit your talent from a variety of reasons. Among them is the Brazilian Anderson, committed by Manchester United 2007 for more than 30 million euros from Porto.

With a view of his trophy cabinet one could mean, today 33-year-old had quite a successful career. Four times champions in the Premier League, Champions League winner 2008, club world champion and a triumph at the Copa America actually speak for themselves, but in most cases, Anderson was only taking actor.

According to his former United Player Rafael, this was mainly at the disciplinaryness of Andersons. Too often he went to celebrate, and he was little professional at the topic of diet. “If we were traveling with the team bus on the highway and passed at a rest area, Anderson jumped up and shouted: ‘McDonald’s, McDonald’s.'” Rafael continued in an autobiography even further and claimed that Anderson “be the best in the world If he had behaved like a professional football player. “

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Manchester United: Anderson made for frustration in the coach team

Also coach legend Sir Alex Ferguson desperate with time to Anderson. This revealed Mick Clegg, who also belonged to the coach team at The athletic. “I had a stick with me and already said in Anderson’s early time to Ferguson: ‘If he continues so on, I hate him with my stick.'” Ferguson was initially shocked by Cleggs. “He tasted a lot of money. You can not beat my players, are you crazy?” Ferguson should have replied. Next.

“Six weeks later, Ferguson came to me and said, ‘Where’s the damn stick? Give it to me, I want to beat him.”, “Clegg led out. Of course, it should not come to blows, at least nothing has been delivered to this day, but Ferguson’s statements reflect his desperation clearly.

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Why Anderson was still allowed to carry the jersey of the Red Devils more than seven years? Of course, on the one hand, this was the hope of those responsible, Anderson’s potential to be able to exploit. On the other hand, the Brazilian was very popular. “There was no nicer man, he was popular with all,” explained Clegg. “His problem was just that he was lazy.”

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In 181 times, Anderson, who has finished his career, run for United, but two heavy knee injuries meant that from United in 2014. For the central midfielder, it was initially back to the Brazilian home. When he became universe in 2018, he hired again in Turkey at Demirspor. For sporty headlines, the “celebration beast” did not take more and left the football stage by the back door at the end of 2019.

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