Demonstration of Demo Edition by SF Toyo Action “Nine Sols” Steam for “Rettime” Development Source-Cloud Funding to the next Stretch Goal

Redcandlegames publishes the STEAM page of the 2D action “ Nine Sols ” to handle itself, and is delivering the demo version at the same time.

This work is a 2D action game of the new device that will make an impressive enemy and intense battle on the stage of the world view of Cyberpunk × Oriental “Taopunk”. Hand drawn character with hand drawn style animation, it is characterized by a battle with a teeth that protrudes the enemy’s gap with “SEKIRO” affected “Sekiro”. Toyo-music taste is a very interesting play experience with hand drawn animation and moving character with hand drawn animation.

Originally, it is also a project that began with the cloud funding, and the first target amount has been achieved in 24 hours from the start. At the time of this article, 6,000,000 nt dollars have already broke up, and the difficulty level “Story mode” was added. In the future, a new cut scene in 9,000,000 nt dollars, different endings in 12,000,000 nt dollars, and adding hidden bosses in 15,000,000 nt dollars are set.

The new axis action game “Nine Sols” is scheduled to release around 2023 Q2, and the demo version is currently delivered for PC (Windows / Mac). Game * Spark also publishes demo version explosion play repo.

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