The HSV is now about the perspective

The timetable has dr. Provide Thomas Wüstefeld last Monday in the game interview. Those ways to pursue how they have taken Bochum or Bielefeld in previous years, so with one year’s start-up without great upheaval in the squad and on the coach bank, are “natural sense,” said the board. How fast wishes and reality can drift out, the past weekend has shown 1: 2 against Paderborn, however, not only with regard to the rise battle, it could also affect the future plans. In the catching game against Aue it goes on Tuesday evening (18.30 clock, live! At game) less to the true a theoretical minimal chance as a way beyond the perspective beyond this season.

The game of HSV has been worse for some time from week to week

Tim Walter knows about the basic trust of the bosses in his person. But he also knows that only two points from five games alone will have doubts larger, and only the recent lectures. The game of HSV, over wide stretches in his idea always recognizable, has been worse for some time from week to week. When the coach says, it is also about this phase, “that we also overcome resistors as a club,” that’s the beginning of a fight for his job. Because he knows that series like these and the usual spring breaks have become fatal to his predecessors.

“Development is not always in one direction, she can also get stucks,” emphasizes the 46-year-old. Because in Hamburg last no paradigm shift and no idea is led to the goal, but has repeated history every year, there is between its assessment and that of its bosses basically unity. The problem is: Currently the development does not seem to get to sticking, it systematically goes into the wrong direction. Through the purchases of Mario Vuskovic and Miro Muheim and the premature contract extension with Moritz Heyer to 2026, the association wanted to send signs of continuity – but players like these for continuity in mediocrity.

Only ten victories in 27 games are an alarming value

Because in the long history, HSV 2021/22 is the worst of all time, ten victories in 27 games are an alarming value. Not only at the chronic restless location Hamburg. Sports Management Jonas Boldt defends the challenged course, of course. “We have put together very extensively in the past summer, stressed this path of development again clearly. We decided to make this way uncompromisingly.” Therefore, the 40-year-old also supports his coach. And as long as we feel that the decisive persons have the strength and energy to counteract. Tim Walter has a lot of energy and bring them with each time. “

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Walter’s future was never coupled to the Bundesliga from the outset, but to a development

The contract of the native Badener runs until 2023, his future was never coupled to the Bundesliga from the outset. But just a development. This means: She has to be visible again in the final season weeks, although the ascent race seems lost for the fourth time. Otherwise, the next timetable change is available in Hamburg.

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