Recruitment of Made of League Small Meeting

[Eye News 24 Park Jeong Jing] The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee) and Korea Content Promotion Agency (Director Cho, Hyun-rae, HanConjin) in 2022, Recruitment.

The Global Games Hub Center supports the enhancement space and capacity enhancement programs to enable to grow to a game developer with a small and medium-sized game enterprise with the potential of overseas markets and a new one-year developer, and a preliminary founder to grow into a game developer with competence. The Pangyo Pang, Pangyo 2 Tech Nova Valley LH is located on the 8th floor of the Growth Center.

Global Game Hub Center Meetings are listed on domestic small and medium-sized games, and can apply for a variety of independent office spaces such as medium (23-30 equilibrium), mini (7-19 equilibrium), such as miniature (23-30 equilibrium), compact (7-19 equilibrium). This year, I have extended the total support benefits of the rental rent of the rental rental for Corona 19, which have been conducted since July 20, 20, in July 2023, and supports 50% of the management fee.

Selected migrants for game development ▲ Mobile / Virtual Reality (VR) Game Test Bed Latest Equipment and Facilities (QA) and Consulting Support ▲ Game Development Software (Adobe, Autodesk, Unity) Can be utilized. In addition, game consulting (game production, publishing, service, securing funds, promotional marketing, overseas expansion) ▲ management support consulting (tax, accounting, law, greetings, labor, etc.) ▲ recruitment support ▲ Can be.

‘Game Venture 4.0’ is a system for new developers and preliminary entrepreneurs for less than a year of start-up, and a joint office space is available to the main support of the cost, and is provided with the same facilities and fostering programs as the Global Games Hub Center Meeting.

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Hanconjin supports an additional 1 year entry period for an extension of the existing one (1 year) for an excellent enterprise, which has been entering the entry and excellent enterprise, including existing tenors from this year. In order to enhance the investment attractiveness of the members of the members, consulting support will be expanded.

“After last year, after last year, the Global Game Herb Center will support the entire rent and strive to overcome Corona 19,” he said. ” We will support developers to grow into a competent company. “

Corporate and preliminary founders who want to move on the Global Games Hub Center will be available online at 11 am to 11:00 am on the 18th. The rule period is up to four years (basic 2 years), 1 year excellent for 1 year (basic 2 years), game venture 4.0 is up to 2 years (1 year) (1 year).

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