The PubG update next week looks the return of the original Sanhok

When Sanhok 2018 added to PubG: Battlegrounds added, it became a polarizing force in the community. It was the first 4 x 4 km large map that experienced the community, and with its dynamic circle and dense, green jungle, she played differently than games on Erangel and Miramar. Due to the division, Krafton began with one or the other sipping and stuck here and there to soothe the community – but after a while the card was no longer recognizable.

However, KRONTON has meanwhile viewed the mistake of his ways, and the original card will return to pub in the 17.1 update next week. The return was originally announced in the PUBG 2022 Roadmap after the developers found that “continuous monitoring of the voices of our players let us know that the revised Sanhok did not provide the expected, positive gaming experience”.

From April 13 for PC players and from the 21st of April for console players, this overpring paradise will be able to play again in its original form.

This means that the original lobster-shaped boot camp building will return together with the old school ruins, the quarry and the Bhan areas. The sending-looking party area called Getaway is also removed in this patch, which marks a return to the docks.

Although this may be exciting for those who play the game from the beginning of the beginning, it is worth noting that KRONTON has not excluded future changes. “Even if it is undeniable sad to say goodbye to a long-standing feature, we decided to bring Sanhok to his original appearance and work to make it better by starting it from the beginning. Of course we are constantly discussing different methods of improving Sanhok in the future, “says Krafton.

Update 17.1 is now available on the PC test servers. With this update, the classic 4 × 4 jungle returns! #Pubg #schlachtplatz #Original #Sanhok # return

  • PUBG: Battlegrounds (@Pubg) 6. April 2022

PUBG Update 17.1 GAMEPLAY & REVIEW // NEW Gun, OLD Sanhok + Release date

This is by far the biggest change in this patch, but it is also worth mentioning that the recently added tactical equipment in the crosshairs of the developer team is. The Tactical Pack will not save any other tactical equipment in this update, and a commitment was made to nire the Spotter Scope for 17.2.

If you can not wait to get back in Sanhok, you can now enter the test server.

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