Achieved the target amount immediately after the start of Kickstarter with overwhelmingly cute! LifeSim “PuffPals: Island Skies” -Pulpum Sales Developed in Game Development

Developer Fluffnest has launched a KickStarter campaign for Life Simulation “ PuffPals: Island Skies ” under development on April 7. At the moment of article writing that has reached about 15 hours from the start, it has reached a support for three times the target amount by nearly 4,000 supporters.

# Game by stuffed house

This game will be planned and developed by Fluffnest, which sells soft stuffed stuffed toy of polyester fabrics called “puffpals”. In addition to the establishment and CEO, it starts from one developer and is being developed during the system that has increased the number of personnel currently involved in the game development.

# Enjoy exchanges, cultivation and exploration with puffpals

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The game contents are customized such as vegetables, cereals, fruits, flowers, trees and tea, etc. Finding the List of Puffpals with the original stuffed toy, the original stuffed toy, the design of the ISLAND SKIES, which is the stage, the Legend of the Collection Book, and the configuration of the new biom. Exploration of the city to be outside, etc.

# The amount of support that the game gets from $ 20

In the KickStarter campaign, which is implemented until May 7, support for the early access right of the game main story is currently receiving from $ 20. More than $ 30 will add alpha rights to play games earlier than $ 30.

The time when the rewards for support is sent, with the early Access version of the game main story at the moment, it is scheduled for January 2024, including the alpha version of the game.

The release date of the game final version is undecided, and after the development of the alpha version for supporters in 2023, it is said that it assumes an early access to the next 2024.

The target model of this work is first PC and then mobile for mobile. As a deployment deployment deployment, it also addresses the response to the Nintendose switch and the implementation of multiplayer elements.

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